Install and configure Cult Components


Cult Components are designed specifically for React and developed using TypeScript. They utilize tailwindcss for styling and framer-motion along with CSS for animations. While Cult Components seamlessly integrate with the shadcn ecosystem, shadcn is not mandatory for their use, though some examples may include shadcn components.


To get started, ensure you have the following dependencies installed:

npm install -D tailwindcss@latest clsx tailwind-merge framer-motion

Next, integrate our utility function by adding the following code to your project:

// lib/utils.ts
import clsx, { ClassValue } from "clsx"
import { twMerge } from "tailwind-merge"
export function cn(...inputs: ClassValue[]) {
  return twMerge(clsx(inputs))

Component Installation

You're ready to go! Visit any component page and follow the provided instructions.

Just copy and paste the components you need—no unnecessary bloat or third-party dependencies.